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What we do

In Liz’s Shop we sell Celtic coins, Celtic books, Celtic artefacts, Celtic Coinplax, Celto-Boars, Celtic cards, Celtic binders, Celtic vouchers. We also sell other types of coins: Gaulish, Eastern Celts, Greek, Iberian, Roman, Medieval, and a few other bits. The main thing, in our view is how we do it.


How we do it

We’re lucky. We’re in Norwich, Norfolk, land of the Iceni – a people apart who didn’t follow the crowd. For over 1,000 years we’ve had a market here where local folk sell local wares face to face, where trade is built on quality, value, trust and personal service. At Liz’s Shop we bring these old-style local values to our global shop.

We’re here to serve you 24/7, to make it easy for you to browse and buy the Celtic coins, Celtic books and other things you want, whether you’re in Alaska, Adelaide, Amsterdam or Aberdeen. We’re here to answer any questions you may have and to offer you our expert professional advice, if you require it. We’re here to deliver good value for money and a friendly, rapid-response service you can rely on.

There’s a local saying: “In Norfolk we do different”. Our difference is this. We recognise that online shopping can be cold and impersonal, even frustrating at times. So at Liz’s Shop we welcome you warmly and try to keep things personal on first-name terms, like it is in Norwich’s medieval market. “I run my shop as much for pleasure as for profit”, says Celtic Liz. “It means I get to meet Celtic coin folk from all over the world. For me that’s fun.” We hope it is for you too.

How to pay

Delivery charges are calculated when you enter your details on the checkout page. We prefer payment by PayPal or cheque. Or you can contact me direct to pay by credit/debit card or direct transfer. If you have any queries please phone 01263 735 007 or email

And if you have any ideas about other Celtic-related goods we should be selling or ways we can improve our service, please share them with me.