Chute gold stater


The Belgae, ‘the people who swell (with anger/battle fury’) of the Southern Region, were originally immigrant settlers around the Solent and Test valley, whose land later included Winchester (Venta Belgarum). They, or another group in this area, issued uninscribed coins, c.65-45 BC, possibly near Chichester, Portsmouth and Danebury.


Chute. c.65-58BC. Gold stater. 18mm. 6.13g. Wreath pattern with downward facing leaves./ Disjointed triple-tailed horse left, blobs, dots and shrimp above, ‘coffee bean’ behind. ABC 746, VA 1205, BMC 35-76, DK 302, S 22. Obverse hairline crack, otherwise VF, large flan of yellow gold, full tails.                                Was £450. Now only £400

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