Hod Hill bronze stater


The Durotriges, ‘fort dwellers?’ or Durotrages ‘fort runners?’, were a close-knit confederacy of sea-faring peoples in the south-west who controlled two major harbours, Poole and Christchurch, and traded with Armorica. Their territory closely matched that of Anglo-Saxon Wessex, centred on Dorset and defined by the rivers Avon, Wylye, Brue, Yeo and Parrett. Coins made at Hengistbury Head and elsewhere. 


Hod Hill. c. 58-40 BC. Bronze stater. 18mm. 3.55g. Wreath motif./ Virtually blank. ABC 2175, VA 1290, BMC 2790-2859, S 371. Fair, brown patina.                                                    Was £45. Now only £20



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