Eppillus Bull and Eagle bronze unit


The Cantiaci (perhaps ‘land of the assembly men’), may have comprised four tribes occupying Kent, centred on the Weald and rivers Stour, Medway and Darent. Diviciacos, king of the Suessiones, c.90-70 BC, may have held territory here. Caesar mentions four kings: Cingetorix, Carvilios, Taximagulos and Segovax, c.60-54 BC. Coins minted at the capital, Durovernum (Canterbury), Duno, Sego, and maybe Durobrivae (Rochester).


Eppillus Bull and Eagle. c.AD1-15. Bronze unit. 15mm. 1.97g. Butting bull right, EPPIL above, [CO F] below./ Spread-winged eagle standing. ABC 411, VA 451, BMC 1139-41, S 113. Near VF, bold bull. RARE                    Was £99. Now only £75

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