Gallo-Belgic Ca gold quarter stater


Gaulish coins imported to England

The Ambiani ‘the people around [the two banks of the Somme]’ were a tribe of Belgica in northern France. Their capital was Ambianum, called Samarobriva in Roman times and Amiens today.


Gallo-Belgic Ca. Sills class 3. Ambiani. c.90-80 BC. Gold quarter stater. 9mm. 1.64g. ‘Men-in-a-boat’motif./ Thick lateral bar, spreading at ends. Sills 428-430; Scheers class II, nos. 3-4, 6-11, 13. VF, chunky flan of golden gold. VERY RARE type, EXTREMELY RARE as UK find.                                                              Was £220. Now only £160 

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