Alexander III Imitation. Athena Nike gold plated stater



Iron age people of Czechoslavakia who gave their name to the medieval kingdom of Bohemia and to both Bononia and Bologna in north east Italy.

Alexander III Imitation. Athena Nike. c.4th/3rd cent. BC. Gold plated stater. 18mm. 4.93g. Helmeted head of Athena right./ Nike standing left, holding wreath and sceptre, ALESANDPOY. Contemporary forgery of Le Rider pl.91/92, LT—; cf. Paulsen (1933) pl.1, nos.1-2. Good VF for issue, most of plating intact, bold head, nice Nike, full inscription. First we’ve had. Ex Yann Schyler collection.     VERY RARE plated.                                                             Was £550. Now only £350 

A neat copy of the Greek original, well struck on a large flan, but Alexander’s name is quite clumsily engraved. The first time we’ve had a gold plated imitation of this type. Our attribution to the Boii is tentative.

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