Birdlike Head silver obol?



Iron age people of Czechoslavakia who gave their name to the medieval kingdom of Bohemia and to both Bononia and Bologna in north east Italy.

Birdlike Head. c.2nd cent. BC. Silver obol? 8mm. 0.95g. Hump on plain field./ Stylised figure of Athena Alkis which has taken on a birdlike form. LT— (cf. 9367-68), Paulsen— (cf. 209-210), Flesche 501. EF, very sharp. First we’ve had VERY RARE.             Was £300. Now only £175                                              An extraordinary and very rare silver fraction. See E.Kolnikova, Kelska strieborna minca typu Alkis z Nitry, Num. Listy 18, 1963, 129-133.

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