Picardy Horse Face Thin silver fraction



The Ambiani ‘the people around [the two banks of the Somme]’ were a tribe of Belgica in northern France. Their capital was Ambianum, called Samarobriva in Roman times and Amiens today.


Picardy Horse Face. Class II. c.75-50 BC. Thin AR fraction. 12mm. 1.04g. Stylised helmeted head right, horse’s head forming eye and nose./ Horse right, ornaments around. LT 8500/8515, BMC 156, DT 189, Fine. VERY RARE.                                                                          Was £65. Now only £35 

See Allen ‘Les pièces d’argent minces du comté de Hampshire’, Revue Numismatique, VI série, VII (1965), p.79-93, pl. V, no.29.

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