CN VOC Bull bronze semis



Coins from the Iberian peninsula where the earliest known Celtic inscriptions (c.700-450 BC) have been found and where many ancient Celtic tribal names, Celtic personal names and Celtic place-names have been recorded.

CN.VOC. Bull. Castulo. Bronze semis. mid 2nd cent. BC. 22mm. 8.07g. Crude laureate head right, CN behind, [VO]C. S.T.F.] before./ Bull standing right, CN and crescent above, [FVL.CNF] before, Iberic KASTILO in exergue. B 728, C 393, VB. (2011) 2119. VF, bold head.                                                                              Was £65. Now only £45

Castulo is modern Cazlona, Jaen, S Spain. Latin names are magistrates.

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