Hercules with Two Tuna bronze semis



Coins from the Iberian peninsula where the earliest known Celtic inscriptions (c.700-450 BC) have been found and where many ancient Celtic tribal names, Celtic personal names and Celtic place-names have been recorded.


Gadir, ancient Phoenician seaport colony (Roman Gades), 58 miles NW of Gibraltar, is modern Cadiz in SW Spain. Minting began here after Barcid landing in 237 BC. Later ruled by Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths and Moors.

Hercules with Two Tuna.  c.100-20 BC. Bronze semis. 27mm. 8.07g. Melquart’s head left./ Two tuna, beaded border, Phoenician MPL GDR. Burgos 1340, Villaronga & Benages 665, Calico 765. Near VF, neat round flan, dark olive patina, sharp head, clear tuna. Ex Dr Hispanicus collection.                                                            Was £120. Now only £90                                            

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