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Elizabeth Cottam, who owns and runs Chris Rudd with the help of a semi-retired Chris – is committed to Celtic coins and to helping collectors get as much pleasure from them as she does. Liz comes from a family of collectors and dealers. Her favourite coin is the Norfolk Wolf.

Celtic Liz has a Norfolk Wolf on her book, around her neck and on her shoulder.


Though she respects and relies on numismatic research, Celtic Liz believes that collecting and studying Ancient British coins should be fun, for her as well as her clients. “Yes, I’m in business for profit”, she says, “but I’m in Celtic coins for pleasure.”

Whilst she acknowledges that Ancient British coins can be “a good buy for a rainy day,” she doesn’t encourage investment collecting. Her advice is “Buy now and enjoy now. You could be dead tomorrow.”

Liz lives in north Norfolk, the land of the Iceni and Queen Boudica. In the coin trade she’s regarded as a bit of a lone wolf. You won’t see her at coin fairs, coin clubs, metdet rallies or international auctions. She says: “I’d rather spend my time talking to my customers and my suppliers – mainly metal detectorists – by phone and by email. And when I’m not working I’m relaxing with my partner, my cat and my garden.”

Some of the nice things clients have said about Celtic Liz and her service:

“Your customer service has been the best I’ve ever received from any coin/antiquities dealer” (AM, collector, UK).

“It has been a real pleasure to deal with you… I have appreciated your efficiency, willingness to help and, most of all, the very human way that you have delivered your service. I shall now endeavour to find other coins that I can bring to your attention and will always speak highly of the support that you provide. I wish you well for the future as you deserve it.” (CL, metdet, UK)

“Thank you for everything, Liz, you have been wonderful.” (E-J O, collector, UK).

“Thank you for your prompt reply. Your service is only superseded by your personal charm.” (DM, metdet, UK).

“It’s been an absolute pleasure dealing with you. All the best for continued numismatic success.” (JC, collector, Canada).

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