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Catalogue subscription. £30 a year UK, £35 Europe, £40 Rest of World. Six copies of Chris Rudd List and six copies of Liz’s List. Or £10 a year UK, £15 Europe/ROW Liz’s List only.

Accuracy. Little is known of iron age rulers, mints and moneyers. So all our dates, attributions and descriptions are hypothetical, not factual.

Abbreviations: AV gold, AR silver, AE bronze, F fine, VF very fine, EF extremely fine, g. grams, l., left, r., right.

Grading. Iron age flans rarely bear the whole die image. For example, an unworn coin graded ‘Good VF’ may lack part of the design or legend.

Rarity of Ancient British coins based on Celtic Coin Index: RRRR excessively rare 1-5, RRR extremely rare 6-15, RR very rare 16-30, R rare 31-50, S scarce 51-100. Remember, most coin finds are unreported. So these figures are only a rough guide to rarity.

Authenticity. All our coins are guaranteed genuine, unconditionally and for life, or double your money back. No-one else gives you such a guarantee.

Provenances. All findspots, where known, are given to buyers at the time of purchase, subject to finders’ consent. Publishing them can encourage illicit detecting.

Celtic Coin Index. Most of our coins come from metal detectorists and are reported to the Celtic Coin Index, Institute of Archaeology, 36 Beaumont Street, Oxford OX1 2PG.

My goal is to help you as best I can and to give you good value.