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Who’ll pay the most?

Whether you’re a metdet who’s just found his first gold stater or someone with a 20-year-old collection to sell, there’s one thing you’ll both want to know: “Who’ll give me the best money for my Ancient British coins?”

These days, with so many people competing for your Celtic coins, you might wonder who is actually paying the highest prices. Not just auction prices, but cash prices too. Not just once in a blue moon, but year after year.

Whose ads can you believe? Whose advice can you rely on? Who can you truly trust? In the end, that’s something you’ve got to find out for yourself, from personal experience. Meanwhile, here are seven clues which may help you decide. If you’re still uncertain and would like to see more evidence ask

1st clue Who specialises in Celtic?

Chris Rudd is the only dealer who deals only in Celtic coins. Since 1991 we’ve been building a global database of people who collect Celtic coins. This means that, unlike the generalist who sells all kinds of coins, ancient and modern and maybe medals too, we already have hundreds of hungry clients waiting to buy (or bid for) your Ancient British coins. Big auction houses have big mailing lists and big catalogues and often get big prices for non-Celtic coins. But not one has Chris Rudd’s exclusive database of Celtic collectors. And not one gets such consistently high prices for Ancient British coins as we do.

2nd clue Who offers you Celtic cash and Celtic auctions?

Chris Rudd and only Chris Rudd offers you this unique set of selling options: instant cash for your Ancient British coins or an all-Celtic auction or a blend of both (say, cash for your lesser coins, auction for your finest and rarest). Nobody else can offer you this choice or be so flexible for you, because nobody else holds six all-Celtic auctions a year.

3rd clue Who buys more Celtic than anyone?

Every year Chris Rudd buys and sells more Ancient British coins than any other dealer or auctioneer. Because we’re trading daily in Celtic coins (and only Celtic) we know better than anyone what they’re worth and can estimate values more accurately. For a free valuation ask

4th clue Who publishes twelve Celtic catalogues a year?

Every month Chris Rudd mails out a printed, fully-illustrated catalogue of Ancient British coins. Six a year feature coins at fixed prices, six feature Auction coins. This means that if you’re selling a large collection (or hoard) we can spread it over several auctions to avoid flooding the market. See The big mistake collectors make.

5th clue Who gets rapid results for Celtic?

Within two days of publication most of Chris Rudd’s fixed-price coins have been sold; within two weeks they’ve usually all gone. Moreover, within a fortnight of publication most of our Auction coins have disappeared. That’s why, every month, we need to replenish our stock. Nobody needs your Ancient British coins more urgently than we do.

6th clue Who is the finder’s Celtic friend?

Is he ‘faceless Fred’ on the internet? Is he the foxy trader who says he’s a collector? Is he the ‘honest John’ dealer who poses as a metdet and brags about his integrity? Is he the first man at a rally or coin fair who offers you cash, no questions asked? Are they the auctioneers who shout loudest in the coin magazines?

Consider this: For 25 years Chris Rudd has championed responsible metal detectorists, recorded their Ancient British coin finds (before the PAS did), trumpeted their triumphs worldwide and helped them fight for their Treasure awards. See Three Treasure valuations

7th clue Who keeps getting record prices for Celtic?

Judging from their costly swanky ads and constant crowing in the media, you might imagine that it’s the large auction houses in London, New York, Munich and Zurich who get the highest prices for Ancient British coins. But you’d be wrong, very wrong. It’s a small firm in Norwich that sets the Celtic records.

Record Ancient British Prices
Chris Rudd has set all these records.
No one else has come even close to them.


Chris Rudd not only gets the highest fixed prices for Ancient British coins, year after year. We also get the highest prices when we auction them, year after year – much higher than any other dealer or auctioneer. This isn’t just a matter of opinion. It’s a matter of fact. Check the records. See Chris Rudd’s record prices

For specific advice on how to achieve the maximum sales potential with the minimum risk for your Ancient British coins – be it one coin, a hoard or a whole collection – ask the Celtic specialist