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Chris Rudd

Caratacus Strikes Gold

In November we have the good fortune to be auctioning a very important coin, the first gold stater of Caratacus, “The most important single Iron Age coin ever found in this country” says Dr John Sills. If you’d like to learn more please click here to read an article in Treasure Hunting, November 2020, p.56-60.

Chris Rudd List 173  Monday 2 November 2020  Sunday 15 November 2020
Chris Rudd List 174  Monday 4 January 2021  Sunday 17 January 2021
Chris Rudd List 175  Monday 1 March 2021  Sunday 14 March 2021
Chris Rudd List 176  Monday 3 May 2021  Sunday 16 May 2021
Chris Rudd List 177  Monday 5 July 2021  Sunday 18 July 2021
Chris Rudd List 178  Monday 6 September 2021  Sunday 19 September 2021
Chris Rudd List 179  Monday 1 November 2021  Sunday 14 November 2021

Lots go online latest 9am (GMT) on the morning of publication.

The first lot will close electronically at 5pm (GMT) on the closing date, with subsequent lots closing every 30 seconds thereafter.

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