Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters


Rare gold stater (LT 3774) of Celtic freedom-fighter Vercingetorix, young prince of the Arverni, defeated by Caesar at the hillfort of Alesia in 52 BC. His name means ‘supreme king of warriors’.


Norfolk God silver unit, one of the last coins struck by the Iceni, c.AD 25-43, ABC 1567. War-god with boar-skin headdress, based on Roman denarius and Cunobelin coin. See The Boudica Myth, Chris Rudd List 58, July 2001.


Silver unit of Caratacus, ‘the beloved’, best known son of Cunobelinus, c.AD 40-43, ABC 1376. For eight years he fought the Roman rape of Britain, until betrayed by Cartimandua ‘strong pony’ queen of the Brigantes.


Bury Diadem silver unit of the Iceni, c.50-30 BC, ABC 1495. Dr Anne Ross believes that the head could be that of Andraste, a goddess venerated by Boudica. See The face that launched 80,000 deaths, Coin News, October 2000.