Imaginative Imagery

Imaginative Imagery


Anthropomorphic wolf head on Iceni silver unit, c.50-20 BC, with neck torcs and triads, ABC 1504.
Found in NW Norfolk by John Burke, author of Advanced Detecting.


Finney’s Thunderbolt gold quarter stater of N Thames region, c.50-40 BC, with triple corn-ear zigzag
and sun-eyes. Voice of God visualized? ABC 2255.


Thurnham Type potin of Cantiaci, c.80-50 BC, ABC 159. Inspired by rare Aedui potin LT 5253?
Prominent tangs clearly show it was cast in a strip-mould.


Can you see a face on this Durotrigan cast bronze? Or is it just a face?
Click on the CR button to read article in The Celator, April 2001, p.17-20.


Chichester Cock bronze unit of the Regini (ABC 737) with bearded head on bird’s breast.
Click on the CR button to read article in Coin News, April 2003, p.23-24.