Tribal symbols

Tribal symbols


A Tree of Life occurs on almost all Dobunnic staters.
See Ash and the Dobunnic Tree, Chris Rudd List 72, November 2003.


A few of the many tribal and regal symbols seen on Ancient British coins: Cantiaci fishing net (ABC 177), three-tailed horse of the Regini & Atrebates (ABC 488), Verica’s vine leaf (ABC 1193), Iceni wolf (ABC 1393), Iceni moons (ABC 1450), Corieltavi boar (ABC 1782), Durotriges disjointed horse (ABC 2157), Catuvellauni moons and hidden faces (ABC 2715), Cunobelin’s corn ear (ABC 2774).


Click on CR button to view article by Chris Rudd in The Searcher, June 2009, p.45-46.