Some unique coins are a deep mystery. This bronze was found on 18 July 1997 near Kirmington, in the land of the Corieltavi, yet bears no resemblance to any British coin. Neither is there any record of a Gaulish coin like it. The imagery of this extraordinary bronze is equally obscure. See Dr Philip de Jersey, A mystery bronze, in Chris Rudd List 73, 2004, p.2-3.

Five unique Celtic coins that Chris Rudd has sold

When an important new Ancient British coin is unearthed we not only try to acquire it for our clients. We also report its discovery worldwide in coin magazines and metal detecting magazines. That way everyone benefits from the good news. To view a few of many such reports we’ve published click on the CR buttons.


Amminus Lion Anarevitos Bodvoc Inamn Vodenos Dragon