British Celtic Coins

Celtic Coins
Liz’s Shop offers you a small fresh selection of good-value coins at fixed prices. Most of them are Celtic, though we also have a few Roman or other coins, depending what our metdets find. These are listed under ‘Other Coins’.

“In Norfolk we do different”. Unlike many on the internet, we describe our coins accurately, reference them, grade them and estimate their rarity. We also give you a double-your-money-back guarantee of authenticity. Nobody else does that. Why not? Because the internet is flooded with Celtic fakes and many traders can’t tell the difference. Or, if they can, they may turn a blind eye and take your money.

Printing and mailing out catalogues every month, as we do, costs us £1,000s a year. So, because all coins in Liz’s Shop are sold exclusively online, we’re able to offer them all to you at reduced prices – at less than you’d normally pay if they were in our catalogues. These are genuine money-saving discounts, available only to customers at Liz’s Shop.

Most dealers and auctioneers don’t sell low-grade or low-cost Celtic coins. They don’t bother with such coins because they can be hard to identify and bring little or no profit. Liz does, Liz bothers. She encourages beginners and she values the business of students and pensioners as highly as anyone else’s. So you’ll always be able to find some really cheap ‘bargain’ coins in Liz’s Shop. These are listed by tribe and also by metal (gold, silver or bronze).