Coinplax & Celto-Boars

You no longer need to hide all your precious Ancient British coins in a cabinet or keep them locked away in a bank safe where nobody can see them. Now, thanks to Coinplax, you can exhibit selected coins on your wall for friends and family to admire and for your personal pleasure too.

Coinplax are heavy plate-size plaques, 19-20cm in diameter, that you can hang on any wall, at home or at work. They are creative adaptations of 2,000-year-old Ancient British coins, enlarged up to 15 times so that everyone can see them more clearly and feel their deeply engraved designs. Coinplax are boldly moulded in durable polyresin and coated in attractive golden, silvery or bronzy finishes, with a sturdy suspension ring on the back.

Created exclusively for Chris Rudd by Norfolk artist Mandy Large, Coinplax are sculpted by hand and individually crafted. Each plaque is a work of art, inspired by the artistry of Britain’s first coin engravers. Each design is produced in a strictly limited edition of 50. Each plaque is uniquely numbered and signed by the artist, and has a brief description of the coin type on the back.

Conceived by celtophiles in the land of Queen Boudica, Coinplax are available only from Chris Rudd.