Coin Hoards in Iron Age Britain



It took 8 years to compile. It’s as thick as a brick. It weighs nearly four pounds (c.300 gold staters). And it runs to almost 500 fact-packed figure-filled pages. By any standards Coin Hoards in Iron Age Britain is a colossal, decade-defying reference book of monumental yet meticulous scholarship. It could only have been written by the indefatigable, infinitely well informed archaeologist-cum-numismatist Dr Philip de Jersey. And thank God it was! Philip and only Philip could have catalogued 346 hoards from 307 places with such integrity – he returned to primary sources, often correcting antique errors – and in such an interesting, very readable style. He also provides a fascinating analysis of the main features of hoarding in the late Iron Age and Romano-British period. He discusses discovery, containers, chronology, distribution, microtopography and associated finds such as blanks, ingots, jewellery. This is the first comprehensive account of Ancient British coin hoards – the first you can trust, the first that you’ll keep consulting because it’s a delight to use. Indeed, it’s a numismatic treasure that will keep giving pleasure. “Worth every penny”, says Dr John Sills. The book is large, very large, and the print run is small.

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