Chris Rudd back issues – List 26 to present day



Back issues of Chris Rudd catalogues. Original copies for most available. An invaluable source of reference material. “Chris Rudd's catalogues are now an important research for anyone studying Celtic coinage. Not only are the coins themselves beautifully illustrated and well described, but the articles by specialists contain much that is new.” PROFESSOR BARRY CUNLIFFE, Institute of Archaeology, Oxford, author of Iron Age Communities in Britain and many other books. “Chris Rudd's catalogues are always interesting, always superbly illustrated and always full of fascinating Celtic coins. I thoroughly recommend them to both newcomer and experienced collector alike.” DR PHILIP DE JERSEY, former keeper of the Celtic Coin Index, Oxford, author of Celtic Coinage in Britain and many other Celtic works including the recently published Coin Hoards in Iron Age Britain.

Some points to note:

No.32 is Stone heads only

Nos.34 and 42 are Early Medieval

Nos.37 and 39 are Artefacts

No.44 is Gaulish coins (printed in French)

Nos.139 onwards carry no articles

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