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Coins from the Iberian peninsula where the earliest known Celtic inscriptions (c.700-450 BC) have been found and where many ancient Celtic tribal names, Celtic personal names and Celtic place-names have been recorded.

Castulo Sphinx. Castulo. c.100-50 BC. Bronze as. 25-28mm. 15.76g. Diademed male head right./ Sphinx right, foreleg raised, star, Iberic KASTILO in exergue. VB 2143, Burgos 776, Calico 375. Very Fine, dark patina, lovely head, thick heavy flan. Ex William F Stevens collection.                                                                              Was £150. Now only £120 

Castulo was the ancient Iberian town of Hispania Terraconensis on the Baetis (Guadalquivir) river where Scipio Africanus defeated the Carthaginians in 208 BC. Modern Cazlona, near Linares, Jaen, S. Spain. William F Stevens (1933-2018) was a Celtic author. See Coin News, July 2019.


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