Obulco Plough. AE as.



Coins from the Iberian peninsula where the earliest known Celtic inscriptions (c.700-450 BC) have been found and where many ancient Celtic tribal names, Celtic personal names and Celtic place-names have been recorded.

 Obulco Plough. c.end 2nd cent. BC. AE as. 28mm. 16.08g. Female head facing right, OBVLOO./ Iberic ILTIREUR KABESURITU, plough above, corn ear below. Vill. 343-15 var., (blundered legend) Burgos 1781 var., Calico 898 var. VF, complete inscription. Ex John D Watkins collection, bt. Chris Rudd (2009).    VERY RARE.                                                     Was £150. Now only £125



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