Books about Celtic Coins

Unlike the majority of coin dealers and auctioneers, Chris Rudd is also a book publisher as well as a bookseller. We write books, publish books and sell books as a service to our clients and to the wider numismatic, archaeological, curatorial and metal detecting community. The more we all get to know about Celtic coins and the people that produced them, the more we will appreciate them. For news of the latest Celtic publications ask

Books published by Chris Rudd

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A brief introduction to Ancient British coins c.120 BC- AD 45, with 300 coin photos. £10




The standard reference catalogue for the series with 2,000 twice-size photos. £75



Boar Horse

A comprehensive catalogue of uninscribed silver coins of the Corieltavi, 230 coin drawings. £15

Other books sold by Chris Rudd

We usually have about 50 different titles in stock including a few rare out-of-print books such as Robert Van Arsdell’s Celtic Coinage of Britain (Spink 1989). For more information see Books from Chris Rudd, which is up-dated twice a year.