Boar Horse



Boar Horse tracks the development of the earliest silver coins of the Corieltavi, c.60 BC-AD 10, and catalogues 123 types and sub types. Every coin is described in detail, with a guide to its rarity. Every coin is clearly illustrated by crisp enlarged drawings to make identification simple. Boar Horse is a pioneering book, easy to read and a joy to behold. Essential for anyone interested in the ancient history, ancient art or numismatics of the East Midlands. “One of the most beautiful, fascinating and complex coinages of the British Iron Age has finally received the attention it deserves” says Dr Philip de Jersey. “This superbly illustrated catalogue is the ideal handbook to guide collectors through the maze of types and varieties, many previously unpublished” says Dr John Sills. Boar Horse has 80 fact-packed pages, 230 coin drawings and 37 other illustrations. For more info click here.

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