Britain’s First Coins



Britain’s First Coins takes a fresh look at British iron age coins. It’s the first little book about them with 300 coin photos, most greatly enlarged to aid identification. It’s also…

…the first introductory book which explains why these coins are British, not Celtic

…the first with a colour map of 13 coin issuing tribes the first to tell you where the largest hoards have been found and how many coins were in each

…the first to illustrate the differences between the nine denominations in gold, silver, bronze and potin

…the first to show you how coins were minted and how forgers made gold-plated staters the first to identify coins by ABC numbers

…the first to demonstrate the Britishness of Ancient British coin designs the first to show you the 20 rarest types

…the first to illustrate how symbols on coins relate to symbols on other artefacts the first to hint at links with druidism

…the first to suggest seven ways to collect and the safest way to buy your first coins the first that gives credit to metdets

Britain’s First Coins is a crisp and colourful introduction to a fascinating series of ancient coins. Read it and you’ll want to start collecting them. For more info click here.

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