Cunobelinus Pegasus Victory Right bronze unit


By c.AD10 Cunobelinus, ‘hound of Belenus’, son of Tasciovanos and Cymbeline of Shakespeare, had united the Catuvellauni and Trinovantes. By AD 43 his family had control of the Cantiaci, Atrebates and Regini, and influence with the Dobunni and Iceni and possibly the Corieltavi also. Suetonius (Caligula 44) called Cunobelinus ‘Britannorum rex’.


Cunobelinus Pegasus Victory Right. c.AD8-41. Bronze unit. 17mm. 2.48g. Pegasus left, [CAMV[ below./ Victory standing right, holding wreath, CV behind, [NO] in front. ABC 2927, VA 1979, BMC 1931-34, S 333. VF, glossy dark-brown patina, large flan, clear figures. Ex Major Clem Lister collection. RARE.       Was £125. Now only £85  




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