Cunobelinus Two Serpents. Silver unit.


By c.AD10 Cunobelinus, ‘hound of Belenus’, son of Tasciovanos and Cymbeline of Shakespeare, had united the Catuvellauni and Trinovantes. By AD 43 his family had control of the Cantiaci, Atrebates and Regini, and influence with the Dobunni and Iceni and possibly the Corieltavi also. Suetonius (Caligula 44) called Cunobelinus ‘Britannorum rex’.


Cunobelinus Two Serpents. c.AD 8-41. Silver unit. 8-13mm. 0.57g. Two coiled ram-headed serpents, guilloche border./ Horse facing left, ringed-pellet below, [C]VNO below, R below tail, O behind tail. ABC 2831, VA 1947, BMC 1856, S 299.1/2 missing otherwise Good VF, bold horse with clear inscription. Ex J Fay collection. Found near Chelmsford, Essex, 2022-23. EXTREMELY RARE, only eight others recorded, inc. one in the British Museum.        Was £600. Now only £450


In 1998 we speculated about the possible RO behind the horse (Richard Hobbs also thought it might be a letter R), Chris Rudd List 38, No.67. Dr John Sills says: “This is the first example with a definite R, which may be a die cutting error but alternatively could be an abbreviation of Rigon, as seen on late Tasciovanos staters, ABC 2577-2580; the Two Serpents unit is an early type.


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