Ece Stepping Horse silver unit


The Iceni were an alliance of four or five groups inhabiting much of East Anglia, including Norfolk, north Suffolk and north-east Cambridgeshire. Their most famous ruler, Boudica, led a revolt against the Romans in AD 60. Mint sites: Thetford, Saham Toney and Needham.


Ece Stepping Horse. c.AD 20-47. Silver unit. 13mm. 0.80g. Back-to-back moons./ Horse stepping right, [E]CE below. ABC 1660, VA 760, BMC 4348-430, COI 80e, S 445. Good VF/Fine, bright silver, super moons. Found Paston, Norfolk.                                                  Was £225. Now only £185

Coins of the Iceni (COI) was recently published by Chris Rudd (£20 + p&p) and is a comprehensive catalogue of 250 coin types, sub-types and variants of coins of the Iceni c.55 BC-AD 47.

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