Secaisa Horseman. Two Dolphin Type bronze as



Coins from the Iberian peninsula where the earliest known Celtic inscriptions (c.700-450 BC) have been found and where many ancient Celtic tribal names, Celtic personal names and Celtic place-names have been recorded.


Secaisa, cited by ancient sources as Segeda, was a town of the Belli, originally located in San Estaban del Poyo del Cid (Mara, province of Saragossa, NE Spain), was abandoned in 153 BC and rebuilt near Duron del Belmonte, and later destroyed during rule of Sertorius.

Secaisa Horseman. Two Dolphin Type. Secaisa. c.100-50 BC. Bronze as. 24mm. 9.30g. Short-haired male head right, dolphin in front and behind./ Horseman right, Iberic SEKAISA. Burgos 2131, Villaronga & Benages 1560, Calico 1124-26. VF/Near VF, dark green patina, great head. SCARCE.                         Was £95. Now only £75                                      

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