Coins of the Iceni



Coins of the Iceni is a radical new catalogue of the Druid-designed coins of Queen Boudica’s rebellious, theocratic, corpse-cremating, torc-hoarding, horse-revering, romanitas-resisting, oak-groving, Ica named, holy-island tribe. It is the most convenient, most comprehensive catalogue of the Celtic coins of Norfolk c.55 BC-AD 47. It makes them simpler to identify, simpler to classify. It names, describes, illustrates, dates and ‘rarefies’ 250 Icenian coin types, sub-types and variants; more than twice as many as in Ancient British Coins. It also links them to the Druids and to 3,000 years of Norfolk’s sacred prehistory. Coins of the Iceni has 96 pages, 400 enlarged photos, mainly of coins from the incomparable collection of Dr John Talbot in the Ashmolean Museum. Oxford, 60 colour illustrations and maps, two way ABC-COI concordances, index of Icenian coins by type names.  For more info click here.

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